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How can I make a reservation?

The booking process consists of 3 simple steps.
1-rented the place and date selection
2-Vehicle selection
3-Connect your booking after sending the form by entering your information is complete.

Please indicate the date you need to make reservations and "Calculate" button. Make your selection from a car Book page and button to perform the booking process. You can complete the booking process by filling out the required information. After completing the booking details will be sent to your e-mail address on the dates you have requested is not available is car operations personnel check and you will be notified by email or telephone within the shortest possible time. You can also make a reservation by phone or fax as well.

How to pick up reserved car?
Vehicle, if the "air space Delivery" requirement have been booked if, Fly Rent A Car of staff, you will come out of the passenger terminal at the airport with your name will meet you at the gate with a sign to be written. When booking a hotel or any address as the delivery is made, Fly Rent A Car 'will do the delivery address stated in a staff car ..

Car Hire Deals coverage?
We can hire with unlimited mileage vehicles. airport pick-up and drop tools are free. However, the car delivered to your address Fly Rent A Car is more than 15 km away is the additional charge per kilometer.
Insurance and insurance fees of vehicles are included in all prices listed on our site. As a result of fixed fee specified bookings made through our website and not in any way be an additional charge later. Prices on our website are always current and can be booked on the dates you want when you want. Affected by possible price changes after booking yapıldık' our site. That's why you have to book early will always be more profitable for you.

How to pay?
Tool that delivers your staff, TL, EUR and US dollar, or you can pay with your Visa or Master Card or credit card.

How can I cancel my reservation?
The rationale cancel at least one week prior to the date of your request to cancel your booking tool used by specifying the e-mail will not be charged for cancellation

What happens if the car breaks down?
Periodic maintenance of tools for you to encounter technical problems are conducted in a timely and complete your trip. Nevertheless; If there is a fault, it is guaranteed to fix the problem as soon as possible. Fault big day is over and you're not repair the said vehicle is changed to another car.

Fly Rent A Car Emergency How can I contact?
Inside the office 7/24 hour +90242 3249518  mobile phone +90544 2828890

What should I do in case of an accident?
Without moving vehicles should reach the 155 traffic police. Traffic, alcohol reports and other vehicles insurance are involved in the accident, permits and licenses should be photocopies and likewise you on the opposite side you are documents of your copy of vermelisiniz.yurt non-citizens must provide the necessarily photocopy of the page of your passport that hold the turkey entry stamp.
In cases where the police car coming around the crime scene photos from every angle without moving it must be pulled inside the car and the accident record should take a photocopy of the original signature of both the Requested Party withdrawing completely filled.
The rental car by someone else Is it available?
In other person to use the tool, it must give a copy of the signed contract and license as the renter.
In a rental contract or Fly Rent A Car of name included Rent A Car involved in accident reported by someone not reflected in the lessee all vehicle damage.