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  • Car Hire Antalya Airport Car Hire Antalya Airport

    The question of why to hire a car in Antalya could be answered like that: you are in Antalya because of vacation or because of your job. And you have to attend in Antalya for a while.

  • Some of these native and foreign tourist come here for business, some others for vacation. Some of these native and foreign tourist come here for business, some others for vacation.

    Many of native and foreign tourists come Antalya for various reasons. Some of these native and foreign tourist come here for business, some others for vacation.

    Foreign tourists necessarily have to use a vehicle while they are in Antalya. If they have their own car, maybe it is not impossible, but it would be too hard and expensive. That's why hiring a car  in Antalya is a reasonable option for foreing tourists.

    When it comes to native tourists, for example let say they come Antalya from Istanbul for vacation. It is not that wise that they bring their family with their own car from Istanbul, when compared to another alternative: plane. In this situation, planes seem more comfortable and economic option. However, there is more economic ways to pass their time in Antalya, which is car hire from our office and which will make their vacation more comfortable and economic in our city.

    In the light of aformentioned points, it is clear that the problem of finding a vehicle when making plans about vacation will become a solutions by our corporation. In order to access easiness and comfort of car hire in favor of our customers in Antalya, you should contact us. Protection Status
  • Then why do you rent a car in Antalya ? Then why do you rent a car in Antalya ?
    Car rental is not that hard as you think. It is very very easy to do car rental, especially when it is done from our office in Antalya. Then why do you rent a car in Antalya ?
  • Fiat Egea Easy Fire
    Fiat Egea Easy Fire 40 EUR
    Benzine / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Fiat Egea M.Jet
    Fiat Egea M.Jet 40 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Opel Automatic Corsa HB.
    Opel Automatic Corsa HB. 45 EUR
    Benzine / Automatic CAR REVIEW
  • Fiat Fiorino SW
    Fiat Fiorino SW 45 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Fiat Automatic Egea
    Fiat Automatic Egea 45 EUR
    Diesel / Automatic CAR REVIEW
  • Dacia Duster 4X2
    Dacia Duster 4X2 50 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Renault Automatic Megane
    Renault Automatic Megane 55 EUR
    Diesel / Automatic CAR REVIEW
  • Citroen Berlingo
    Citroen Berlingo 70 EUR
    Diesel / Automatic CAR REVIEW
  • Skoda Automatic Octavia
    Skoda Automatic Octavia 60 EUR
    Diesel / Automatic CAR REVIEW
  • Dacia Lodgy 5+2 Seater
    Dacia Lodgy 5+2 Seater 70 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
SOME OF OUR CAMPAIGN Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Per Day 150 Km Third Party Insurance Theft Insurance Airport fees 24 hours Road Assistance
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Welcome Fly Rent A Car
Of course, neither yellow cabs nor massive transportation is alike the people's own car. But this is valid for the city in which you live in. Beside, you may not be in the situation that you cannot use your own car. At this point, renting a car is the best option when analizing comfort-expenditure scale.
Now, I want to inform you about what are included in our prices. If we categorize all the advantages included in our prices in 6 title, these are: unlimited km, traffic insurance, car burglary insurance, airport delivery insurance prices, and way help with 24 hours.

These are just a few opportunities that we provide to our customers. For more information you can  either visit our website, or call us. Nevertheless, when continued, we give our services to Antalya Airport, all counties and whole hotels. The insurance of car in our fleet does not consist of our prices. The prices you can see by some research in our website are very actual prices.

Our institute gives services to other cities as well; however, if the point is to rent a car in Antalya, it is required to clarify that our office has just 5 km distance to Antalya Airport.

Not just pleasure or not just to increase your experience in using car, but as a requirement at the same time, you can rent a car from our office in Antalya by online and by phone call.

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